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Emilie Desmeules | High End Retouching | Portfolio
Emilie Desmeules | High End Retouching . Artistic Director | Montreal . New York . Los Angeles | Beauty Retouching . Fashion Retouching . Editorial Retouching




Human ingenuity is only limited by our imagination. And imagination, backed with technical expertise, is what I use to help bring your ideas to life with creative designs. As an artist, I create concepts that make your dreams a reality, images to shape your ideas, typography to promote your message, and colors to add vibrancy to your designs. These are fundamental design elements, which, when combined, will guarantee that your business and product stand out among the rest. From logos, branding, campaign images, signage, and printed materials, I will improve your overall corporate identity with inspired designs to elevate your business. Your logo and your branding are an integral part of your overall corporate identity which allows your brand to identify itself in the market.

Top Professional for Top Results

Building a great brand comes with cut-throat competition. You have to put time, effort, and resources into producing perfect content for the web, social media, print marketing, product packaging, and so on. A reliable and experienced designer and commercial photo retoucher is indispensable to any content-production team. With me, you don’t just get to create compelling imagery for your content strategy but also ensure brand recall and ultimately convert your customers into brand loyalists. Are you ready to see your sales skyrocket?

Knowledge of Adobe Products

For over a decade, I have worked with many products from the Adobe Creativity and Design Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My extensive knowledge in image retouching and design allows me to create and produce results beyond your expectations using multiple software.

Master of Color Grading

Color grading defines the "mood" of a picture. With an extensive portfolio spanning hundreds of commercial projects, I can quickly grasp the emotion my clients desire by creating a personalized color grade. When you envision, create, and convey the right mood through a picture, you build a powerful campaign that catches the eye of your target market.

Strictly Professional

My commercial photo retouching services start with a pre-production consulting session. This session gives me a crystal-clear idea of my client's expectations, cost of the project and optimizes the post-production time. By contracting me, you don't just get seamless visuals but also watertight deadlines, streamlined workflow, and transparent processes.

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