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My name is Emilie Desmeules. I am a Digital Artist with a strong background as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Artistic Director. My professional experience of over 15 years has seen me work in senior positions for various advertising and web development agencies. Driven by aesthetic quality and excellence in visual rendering, as an artist, I specialize in professional creative imagery for the advertising, corporate, editorial, and commercial sectors. I use precise and non-destructive techniques to produce a high-end and remarkable visual signature. I have the opportunity to establish business contacts with a multitude of agencies and clients all around the world. 


Knowledge of Adobe Products

For over a decade, I have worked with many products from the Adobe Creativity and Design Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My extensive knowledge in image retouching and design allows me to create and produce results beyond your expectations using multiple software.

Master of Color Grading

Color grading defines the "mood" of a picture. With an extensive portfolio spanning hundreds of commercial projects, I can quickly grasp the emotion my clients desire by creating a personalized color grade. When you envision, create, and convey the right mood through a picture, you build a powerful campaign that catches the eye of your target market.

Strictly Professional

My commercial photo retouching services start with a pre-production consulting session. This session gives me a crystal-clear idea of my client's expectations, cost of the project and optimizes the post-production time. By contracting me, you don't just get seamless visuals but also watertight deadlines, streamlined workflow, and transparent processes.



What they


"Real professional, dynamic, high-quality work, strong business partner relationship. We fell in love with her work. She perfectly understood our needs and wish from the very beginning. We are now addicted not only to coffee but also to her talent."

Green Coffee Monaco

Business Owner





"They are some of my favourites ever images, absolutely love what you have done to them"

William Clark


United Kingdom

"The first retouched productions have already been used for the global communications of major luxury brands & published in top international magazines.”


Tom Clearen

Producer & Director

Influencer & Producer





"Where to begin... I worked with Emilie for many years, at multiple levels. From a freelancer to a business partner relationship. Besides her undeniable talent, what always impressed me is her strong sense of organization. She has an uncanny ability to manage the many moving parts of a project flawlessly. I personally had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with her on many design and strategy projects, and hired her multiple times for web design assignments. Don’t let her smile fool you and make the mistake of taking her kindness for weakness. She is a strong business person driven by the basic principles of fairness.”


David Morin

Founder / CCO

Cre8ive Department - Los Angeles

Los Angeles




Top Professional for Top Results

Building a great brand comes with cut-throat competition. You have to put time, effort, and resources into producing perfect content for the web, social media, print marketing, product packaging, and so on. A reliable and experienced designer and commercial photo retoucher is indispensable to any content-production team. With me, you don’t just get to create compelling imagery for your content strategy but also ensure brand recall and ultimately convert your customers into brand loyalists. Are you ready to see your sales skyrocket?


Macro Beauty Retouching

Beauty close-up shots on the face, eyes, lips are a must when it comes to an advertising campaign for makeup or skin care. The quality of the pores, silky skin, perfect makeup and a luminous complexion are all the rage in the beauty community. Besides a professional makeup artist and superb quality in the captured material, macro beauty retouching requires absolute precision and specialized skills different from those used for portrait retouching. Only one error will be glaring. As a digital artist expert in macro beauty photo retouching you will have professional results from the start. No unpleasant surprises and no waste of time. I am committed to delivering a natural and flawless macro beauty retouch.


Skincare Retouching

The key to exceptional skincare retouching is keeping it natural. After skincare retouching, the images should NOT lead to believe that they retouched, much like a no-makeup skin. I will do a naturally stunning retouching by keeping blemish-free pores, accentuating healthy skin, and bringing out its luminous quality. My professional photo editing skills will guarantee a remarkable result. From tweaking the colors to softening the skin tone and organically enhancing emotion, I can create an image that is an ode to the perfect skin.




My professional photo retouching services allowed me to work with multiple businesses, advertising agencies, and photographers to produce spectacular promotional material. For me, it starts with maintaining high-quality service and wraps up with my clients’ complete satisfaction. Irrespective of its mode of distribution, my work will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.




Do you have skincare products merchandise you want to sell online? I can assist with the presentation of your products in high definition with no blemishes or irregularities. I use very precise techniques that allow your products to stand out and catch the eye of your consumers. Give your cosmetics and beauty care products a sensational and highly presentable look for your advertising campaigns.




I’m passionate about aesthetic quality and delivering excellence via visual rendering. High-end photo retouching is an excellent way of showcasing luxury goods. All my customers are established authorities in their respective fields and sell luxury products, such as cars, superyachts, jewelry, high fashion, and much more. Every detail counts and is improved and optimized through my rigorous photo editing process. A meticulous procedure that allows me to extract each attribute and present its exceptional characteristics. I’m committed to making your luxury products stand out in their respective markets through a high-end and remarkable visual signature.


Portrait Retouching

There is a subtle difference between digitally perfect skin and naturally beautiful skin when it comes to retouching. I understand this difference. When I do portrait retouching, my goal is to isolate the areas that need work and then use precise techniques with Adobe Photoshop without losing the organic tone and the skin's natural texture. A significant factor that can make or break the final product is the quality of the original image. This is why I offer to attend photoshoots so that I can be actively involved in the very first stages of a campaign and help my clients achieve the results they want.


Fashion Retouching

From photoshoot to digital post-production, I understand everything there is about fashion retouching. Retouching goes far beyond the model's face. Therefore, I will gently remove blemishes on the skin, adjust the tone to make it uniform, clean up the background, apply advanced image coloring, remove loose and flyaway hairs, and more. As an Art Director, I aim to accentuate the overall appeal of your image. From creating textures to introducing stunning colors and making lighting adjustments, I can do it all. I ensure that the results you receive are always tailored to your request.




Creative retouching is close to my heart because it gives me a chance to freely express my creativity. When I do this type of work, I immerse myself in the image’s composition to produce impactful visuals. Guaranteed, these visuals will add that “WOW” factor your campaigns may be missing. By browsing my portfolio, you will be able to observe this passion through my personal and professional achievements.


Architecture Retouching

Presentation is key in the real estate business as this is one of the essential elements that drive sales online. Architectural photography deserves a modernized and captivating look, and I can assist in achieving that. Giving your photos a spectacular presentation through professional retouching is an effective way to generate sales. My services guarantee that your real estate, whether a mansion, luxury villa, condo, restaurant, hotel, or yacht club, is presented flawlessly and in a way that will stir buyers into action.


Vehicle Retouching

Though your imagery might look attractive enough at first glance, vehicle photography, in most cases, still needs the touch of a professional before being promoted at an event, in an advertising campaign, a magazine, or online. As a high end photo retoucher, I help my clients create and convey a sense of timeless class through their visual content and products, be it supercars, superyachts, airplanes, and more. I retouch photographs and give them a luxury signature and refinement. I create superb campaigns that meet the interest of buyers and give your business a competitive advantage. Giving your vehicle that sophistication and uniqueness through proper branding is what I do best.

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Human ingenuity is only limited by our imagination. And imagination, backed with technical expertise, is what I use to help bring your ideas to life with creative designs. As an artist, I create concepts that make your dreams a reality, images to shape your ideas, typography to promote your message, and colors to add vibrancy to your designs. These are fundamental design elements, which, when combined, will guarantee that your business and product stand out among the rest. From logos, branding, campaign images, signage, and printed materials, I will improve your overall corporate identity with inspired designs to elevate your business. Your logo and your branding are an integral part of your overall corporate identity which allows your brand to identify itself in the market.